TAFT Instruments



TAFT  Instruments has created an autonomous electrostatic robot to clean large scale solar installations.
The TAFT device does not utilize water or require an external power source and can be installed in seconds. Our robot provides continuous cleaning of the solar panel or mirror and will also defrost the surface should conditions call for de-icing. Our innovative product allows your company to set it and forget it. TAFT Instruments has developed proprietary technology that saves solar plants money, man hours and water resources while optimizing your solar energy output.

Electrostatic Cleaning

The TAFT robots use electrostatic force to move dust and debris away from the solar panels. High voltage AC waveforms alternately attract and repel small particles. These waveforms are applied to conductors that are carried across the surface by the robot. As the robot moves across the solar panel, dust  is pushed towards the edges where it eventually falls off.

Precision Motion

The TAFT robots use precision gear motors. Because these motors are geared for high torque at low speeds, they require very little power. Our robots use infrared through beam optical sensors to detect the limits of motion and steer across the solar panels.

Solar Power

The TAFT robots are completely self-powered from their own solar cells. Because batteries and certain types of capacitors have limited life, our robots do not use significant energy storage. This means that they run only while there is sunshine. As the sun goes down our robots will shut down and when the sun comes back up they pick up where they left off.

Set It and Forget It

The TAFT robots were designed to require little maintenance throughout the life of a solar plant. Initially, our robots require very little manual labor to install. Their self-aligning servo system allows a technician to merely place the robot on the target and the robot does the rest. Our robots were designed with highly reliable parts that will outlast the solar plant itself. Additionally, our robots clean themselves the same way they clean the solar panels so no maintenance is required!